It’s the beginning of a seismic shift: HD radio and the amazing benefits of program diversity via HD-2. A format “land grab” NOW that will have station benefits for decades. All Comedy Radio is a Hollywood-based national radio network, producing a 24/7 stream of carefully selected and edited comedy programming, framed with professional radio imaging. ACR has been on-air for four years without interruption…or FCC complaint. ACR is the first-to-market national format syndicator for HD-2 with on-air affiliates in: Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Indianapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Buffalo, New Orleans and many others. Both Entercom and Citadel have embraced ACR’s HD-2.

TURNKEY: Flip a switch and you have a 24/7 format. No local equipment needed.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: High quality digital delivery (non satellite), high bit-rate for superb HD sound quality.

LOCALLY IMAGABLE: Local imaging, id’s, drops, etc, making a “local” sound. In HD-2 commercial free environment, can even be set up for use without local automation system.

UNIQUE, ORIGINAL: Combination of edited stand up, interviews with comics and topical radio comedy. This is the first truly original radio format in 20 years.

COMPETE WITH SATELLITE RADIO: All Comedy Radio’s format will pull listeners from satellite comedy listening and not from your primary analog and HD host stations.

FCC FRIENDLY: Carefully edited and screened. All Comedy Radio has been on terrestrial radio and HD in the US and Canada for 6 years, never having ANY content issues.

ENGAGING, COMPELLING, POSITIVE: “Punch up your ‘Laugh Button’!” Listeners do not passively “hear”...They actively listen…and laugh.

PROMOTION OPPORTUNITIES: Even though HD-2 initially is commercial free, your ACR HD-2 will offer your host stations promotional opportunities, using the genre’ of “comedy” to create new sources of revenue.